Crafting Your Ideal Fitness Regimen: Tailoring a Program to Suit You

Exercise is beneficial for everyone. The fact is that many women stop and start exercising just as frequently as they stop and start their cars or purchase expensive fitness equipment and leave it in storage to collect dust. Exercise should be enjoyable, exciting and social.

For many women, the word “exercise” conjures up negative images. This is especially true for those who are severely or obese. To combat this, think of activities rather than exercise. Start by transforming simple daily tasks into more beneficial ones. Simple changes, such as vacuuming with more force or taking a walk on your lunch break will increase blood circulation and strengthen muscles.

It can be demotivating to set goals that are too high and too quickly. Setting realistic and achievable goals, and increasing your activity in small steps will help you stay on track with the program.

Women can also make the mistake to overwork one part of their body while underworking another. This imbalance can lead to issues with bones, muscles, and joints. The best results are obtained by exercising aerobically (heart-strengthening) three to five times a day for at least 30 minutes, and anaerobically (muscle and bones strengthening) two to three times a weekly. Every fitness program should also include stretching in all directions, not just forward.

Women can create a plan that is right for them by starting slow, being proud of their successes, scheduling in exercise and including good nutrition into the overall plan. Every time your heart beats a bit faster, your blood flows faster and you stretch out your muscles a bit more, the health of both you and those around improves. Movement brings health benefits.