Captivating Lip Looks: Elevating Your Makeup Game

Lipstick is the finishing touch for your makeup. Without it, no look would be complete. You should always reassess the shade of your foundation and lipstick, as your skin tone will change from season to season. Lipsticks with some of your skin tones, such as yellow-browns or blue-pinks, will work best. Lip pencils are also a great investment because they help prevent lipstick, and especially the darker shades, from bleeding into your fine lines around the mouth. Never apply a darker liner to your lipstick to make it stand out.

A narrow flat-ended brush, lip gloss, and lipstick are all you need. You can use either the traditional tube lipstick, or the cream lipstick with the sponge tip applicator. Study the shape of your lip, find out if there are any defects and then decide what you want.

If you want to apply lip liner quickly, lightly and with speed, place the elbow of the hand that will be applying it on a flat, steady surface, or the palm of the other hand. When you reach the corners of the mouth, fade out the line by making it lighter. You can also use lip liner to cover the entire mouth. It will act as a base for lipstick.

Fill in your lips with a base or balancer that will even out the skin tone. Use a powdered face as a base if your lips have a uniform colour.

Fold a tissue in half and place between your lips. To remove excess color and seal the remaining colour, lightly press the lips together. This will help the lipstick to stay on your lips instead of transferring to every glass that you use. If desired, or if you are applying makeup for the evening, apply a second layer of lipstick. Apply no more than three coats or your lips may look horribly thick.

1.Small Mouth with Small Lips:

You can easily correct these by removing the lip liner outside of the natural lipline. Slowly and steadily form the perfect shape. Fill in the primer, and then finish with lipstick. You can also add a highlight of frosting to the upper lip to create a fuller appearance.

2.Large mouth with full lips:

Apply liquid foundation to the whole mouth. Then outline with a darker shade of lipstick, just inside the contours of your mouth. Apply a lighter lipstick shade within the outline. This type of mouth looks best with a medium-toned shade. Avoid dark shades, plums and electric colors.

3.Full Lip:Apply liquid foundation makeup to upper lip. Apply a dark lipstick shade just inside the lip’s natural contour. Outline the lower lip outside of its natural contour, and then emphasize with a lighter lipstick shade.

4.Full lower lip:

Outline the upper lip, just outside of its natural contour. Apply a light lipstick shade and add some lip gloss in the middle. Apply liquid foundation to the lower lips. Just inside the lip’s natural contour, outline. Fill in the lip area with a darker lipstick shade using a lipbrush.

5.Wide Mouth:

Cover the corners with a foundation or cover stick. Lipstick can be applied with a lipbrush, but stop a few millimeters short of the corners.