DIY Foot Care: Pamper Your Feet at Home

Beauty begins with the foot. Even the most beautiful face can show signs of fatigue and pain in your feet. You will lose your balance and become irritable. Wearing high heels or pointed toes can be harmful for people with problematic feet. Most women sacrifice comfort in favor of smartness. These simple exercises can help relieve the pain of feet that have been in shoes for a long time.

(1) Sit down with your legs crossed. Rotate your feet six times in the same direction and six times out of it.

(2) Sit straight up with your legs extended in front. As far as you can, bend your toes upward and then downward.

Try to pick up a pencil with your toes. This strengthens the feet.

Spread your toes out as wide as possible while sitting on a chair. This will tone the muscles in your feet.

Use cuticle cream to cover the nails.

Use an orange stick, covered with cotton wool, dipped into cuticle remover and gently pressed the cuticle. Never cut the cuticle unless it is ragged.

You can now place cotton wool pads between your toes. To avoid smudging, apply the varnish to the entire nail as well as the tip.

When buying stockings make sure you choose the right size. For daytime wear, choose heavier stockings and finer ones for special occasions. The most popular stockings tend to be seamless. Stockings must match the colour of your skin and the clothing you are wearing. You should also be certain of your shoe size and try them on before buying. Avoid socks with ribs. Wear socks of the right size that don’t constrict your toes. Wear a fresh pair each day. Avoid knee-highs and synthetic fibers as these can cause feet to sweat. Take your boots inside.

Women who wear flat heels and sandals all the time can have fallen arches. Similarly, wearing high heels all the time can be damaging because of the constant weight being placed on your toes. It is therefore recommended to vary the heel height. Keep your shoes in good condition by cleaning and maintaining them, especially the heels. This is not only for aesthetics but also for your comfort. Fit shoes that have a space of 1.5 cm between the big toe and tip. Keep your feet warm in winter to prevent chilblains.