Weekend Cleansing Program: Pamper Yourself with Indulgence

It is good to dedicate a weekend to yourself every now and again, ideally, once every four or six weeks. You can tell your friends and family that you have other commitments, or ask a friend or husband to watch the kids. You can try to squeeze in a day if you are unable to spare the whole weekend. It may be strange to give yourself time at first, but you will soon realize that it is a liberating experience.

This programme will help you take stock of yourself. Use the weekend to shed some weight or to cleanse of unwanted substances. Or, you could simply re-establish equilibrium. Do not expect to feel completely different after a weekend. This is only one small step.

In order to get the best results, you should book your massage or facial at least a week in advance. If possible, you can also have a beautician come to your home. Some companies will visit your home to give you a health farm-style fitness and diet regimen. If you’re not used to pampering, one treatment will be enough. Consider inviting a friend along to your treatment, or even for the entire day. Just make sure that she can relax.

Buy plenty of fruits and vegetables the day before. Stock your fridge and cabinets with healthy and tasty food, like a vegetable soup or fruit shake. Buy lots of limes, lemons and fresh herb to enhance the taste of your salads. You will also need a high-quality virgin oil, mustard and salt to prepare dressings for your Salads.
Exercise Is Optional

You may want to combine your cleansing weekend with a visit to the gym in your area. It would be great, but not necessary as the goal of this program is to make you feel energized through food.
Eat Regularly

It is important to eat frequently, even though you may be eating different types of food this weekend. It will protect your stomach from acid and ensure that food is moving through your bowels regularly. If you allow yourself to get too hungry, it is likely that you will give in to a desire to consume something less nutritious.
Prepare Delicious Food

Prioritize making delicious food for yourself. There is no reason to be concerned about the needs of others this weekend, but some women think it’s not worth it to prepare something special for themselves. You are worth more than you think. Consider cooking, or preparing tasty vegetable and fruit dishes, as a empowering activity.
Enjoy Your Meals

Enjoy the meal. You might enjoy eating outside in the garden during winter. Make sure your house is warm enough to allow you to relax in summer without needing to wear a lot of clothing.

Avoid high-protein foods and carbohydrates
For two days only, avoid proteins such as meat, poultry, fish, shellfish and eggs. Also, stay away from carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, bread and potatoes. These foods are important in a well-balanced diet but two days without them will not hurt you. After two days, you will feel great if you eat only fruits and vegetables, flavored with sugar or honey and delicious oils and vinegars.

Avoid Caffine
Caffeine can prevent your body from absorbing many vitamin and mineral from the fruits and vegetables that you will eat. Avoid tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Also, avoid cola drinks. You may experience a mild migraine after stopping caffeine consumption. You should not drink decaffeinated coffee or tea as they often contain chemicals that not only taste odd but also have unknown effects on the body. Drink plenty of water or herbal teas. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are also good options.