Tailored Fitness Advice for Your Body Type

The genetics of your body are the most important factor in determining the shape. You have to be realistic and do the best with what you’ve got. The body type of an individual is determined by the metabolism, genetic predisposition to gain fat or muscle and stay lean.

We are all programmed from birth to have a certain body type, whether it is tall, long-legged, short-legged, big-boned, or small-framed. We should all accept the things that are inherent in our body types and work to improve what can be enhanced.

Genetics can also influence where you gain weight. This may not always be apparent to you. You may find that no matter what you are doing, any extra pounds you carry will appear around your midsection, your hips, thighs, or beneath your beltline.

It is clear that women of different Metabolic Rates and body shapes require different workouts. Women who tend to gain weight/fat more easily need to exercise more than women who can’t gain weight at all.

Ectomorphic is lean and tall. These women have a long torso, thin hips and shoulders, and small bones proportionate to their height. Ectomorphic woman have a high metabolism, making it hard for them to gain muscle or fat.

The number of sets will depend on the need for fitness or a particular sport. The number of repetitions will vary depending on whether you are trying to improve your fitness level or train for a specific sport. For cardiovascular fitness, the aerobic workout should be at least 20 minutes and done 3 times per week. You will need to adjust your aerobic routine if you are involved in a sport which requires physical conditioning.
Endomorphic: have a shorter limb and torso, with a more rounded body. They can also have large bones and tend to accumulate body fat. They tend to gain more weight on the lower half of their bodies. Endomorphs can have a curvy figure like Madonna or Pia Zandora. Many endomorphs fight fat all their lives.
It is recommended that you do a cardio workout for at least 30-40 mins, 3-4 times per week. Endomorphs also need to increase their BMR in order to burn more fat at rest. This is why they need to follow a strength training program that includes higher repetitions of at least 12-20 (with at least 30-60 seconds of rest between sets). Aerobic exercises are essential for weight-loss, cardiovascular fitness, and body-shaping. Anaerobic exercises, however, are essential to build muscle and strength. Weight gain can make Endomorphs “pear-shaped”, with extra weight on their hips, buttocks, and thighs.
Mesomorphic:tends to have square, solid bodies and are often quite big-boned. They have a more athletic build and can build up their muscles easier than other women. When they gain weight, the majority of it is centered around their abdomen.
To maintain fitness, Mesomorphic Women need to do 20 minutes of cardio workout 3 times per week. A balanced strength program is needed, with low repetitions to increase size and high reps to define. Overweight Mesomorphs are “apple-shaped”, and carry their excess weight around their midsection. They have big bellies, and love handles on their sides. Please do not use these categories to pigeonhole yourself or your partner. A Mesomorph or Ectomorph may have some Ectomorph traits.
No matter your fitness level or body type, the WF weight loss program will give you a complete fitness plan based on five components, namely Cardiovascular Training (CVT), Strength Training (STR), Flexibility Training (FL), Nutrition, and Weight Management. The WF fitness program is professionally designed to exercise all major and minor muscles of the body with a complete anaerobic and aerobic workout.

You can have a healthy body for life by incorporating a fitness program that is comprehensive into your daily routine. The WF aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness Program will help you achieve a healthy weight, improve your strength, have a better posture, and a more resilient body.