Advantages of Body Contouring Following Significant Weight Loss

Many people want to lose weight in order to improve their health or achieve aesthetic goals. Weight loss is beneficial in most cases. However, those who have lost a lot of weight can sometimes experience excess or loose skin.

After dramatic weight loss, the skin and tissues may not be able to adapt to the new body shape. Body contouring is the collection of cosmetic procedures that are both surgical and non-surgical. They can be used to achieve an aesthetically pleasing body. What can body contouring do for you after you have lost a lot of weight?

Tighten Loose Skin
Long-term weight gain can damage the collagen and elastin fibres of your skin. It can be difficult for your skin to return to its original shape when you lose weight. This results in sagging or loose skin.

Some body contouring procedures can help reduce sagging skin. Non-surgical options are Vanquish(tm), CoolSculpting(r) and a tummy lift. For the best possible results, it is important to find out which procedure will work best for your body and your health goals. To determine the best treatment for you, you can consult with any GraceMed Plastic Surgeons located in the Greater Toronto Area or elsewhere.

Eliminate Extra Fat
Body contouring can be used to reshape an area of the body or remove stubborn fat that is resistant to exercise and diet. You may have pockets of stubborn fat even if you’ve shed a lot of weight.

Each body contouring technique uses a unique technology or technique for the targeted treatment area. The procedure you choose will depend on what area you wish to treat and the desired result.

Physical Relief
After significant weight loss, loose skin can cause several problems. According to research the loose ptotic can lead to hygiene issues, rashes and mobility problems with negative effects on body image, psychological wellbeing and social acceptance.

Body contouring tightens loose skin, providing physical relief for those who have undergone dramatic weight losses. It also makes it easier for them to resume their physical activities and feel confident in their bodies.

Multiple Options
You can choose from a variety of body contouring procedures that are available to you today. You can choose the best procedure with the help of a licensed medical professional.

Choose a treatment that is appropriate for your body type, aesthetic objectives, and budget. You can choose an armlift, facelift or tummy-tuck to target specific areas. Other procedures that are more general include CoolSculpting(r), Exilis(tm), Vanquish(tm), and Vanquish(tm).

Increase your self-confidence
Body contouring can help people feel more confident about their bodies, as it allows them to achieve their aesthetic goals. In a survey, almost 96% of respondents said they would have body contouring surgery done again. Most patients were satisfied with their results.

You can achieve your aesthetic goals by using body contouring after you have lost a lot of weight. Contact a medical professional to find out what procedure is best for you!