Superior Abs with Body Crunches: Unleashing Core Strength

The San Diego State University found that abdominals respond to exercises that target three muscle groups at once. These include the rectus, which is the 8-pack, the side muscles, and the hip flexors that allow us to lift our knees.

The abs still require some attention and specific exercises. Here are some challenging and exciting abs exercises.

Lie on your back, knees bent with both feet flat on the ground. Hold the bar in front of you with one hand and the body bar between the legs.

When you reach the top of the movement, extend your arms and push the body bar away from your body. As you reach the peak of the exercise, extend your arm and push the body bar away. Lower your torso to the original position. Repeat the motion. Do 20 repetitions.

Areas of focus: Obliques
Lay flat on your back, with both feet on the ground and your knees bent. Holding the bar with both hands, place it outside of your left leg. Your abs will help you raise your torso in a diagonal motion. Push the body bar out and up at an angle while your hands are outside and above your knee. Lower your torso to the floor in a controlled manner. Repeat the motion on the other side. Do 20 repetitions each side.

Lower abs area of focus
Instructions: Lie on your back and raise your legs so that your knees are higher than your hips. Your lower leg (calf muscles and feet) should be parallel to the ground. The body bar should be placed just below your legs. Gently hold it with your hands. Concentrate on your lower abdominals. Curl your hips up toward your ribcage, while moving your knees towards your forehead. Your hips should be raised two to three inches off the ground. Hold the contraction as you move up. Lower your hips slowly, while maintaining tension in your abs. Repeat the exercise as your hips reach the floor. Do 20 repetitions.

Lay flat on your stomach with both your feet on the ground and your knees bent. Hold the bar above your shoulder with arms extended. As if you’re pushing the bar straight upwards, use your upper abs muscles to lift your shoulder blades. Repeat the exercise by lowering your shoulders to the original position. Do 20 repetitions.