The Hottest Hair Obsession on Instagram

Instagram and other social networks are flooded with the latest Rainbow Hair Trend. Some people have dyed their hair into a hidden Rainbow to show their support for the LGBTQ community and to honor the victims of the Orlando tragedy.

Rainbows represent peace, love and happiness. This may explain why the popularity of rainbow dye jobs has been so strong for many years.

Perhaps the easiest way to display your newly colored hair would be to tie it in a topknot.

This beautiful, sober hairstyle is perfect for those who do not want to draw attention.

You can also let your hair down to show off the hidden rainbow hair.

Next on our list is the cool side braid, which looks very different and stylish.

You should also keep in mind these facts about the Hidden Rainbow Hair trend.

The color usually fades in about a week to two weeks.

It is therefore recommended that the user re-bleach their roots every four to six week.

This hairstyle requires patience and a lot time, as each strand must be colored carefully so that the sections don’t blend together.